Employment and Labor

Employees in Afghanistan have the legal right to work and receive fair treatment, equitable pay, and a healthy and safe workplace. To conform with internationally-recognized labor principles, Afghanistan has ratified five of the eight Conventions related to core labor standards and is currently assessing ratification of others.

To assure compliance with national laws and international legal norms, Kakar Advocates provides businesses, national and international organizations, embassies, governments at all levels, and individuals operating in Afghanistan with expert assistance on employment and labor issues.

We provide the following range of services to both companies and employees:

  • Advise on employment contracts and policies as per Afghanistan’s labor law and regulations.
  • Advice regarding and processing of foreign workers entry requirements in Afghanistan, including business visa and work permits.
  • Representation in-front of labour boards, state institutions and courts.
  • Advise on regulatory requirement, including overtime, termination pay, maternity leaves, wages claims and general employment complaints and proceedings.
  • Advise on and draft confidentiality agreements.
  • Advise on statutory compliance related to health, safety and workers’ compensation.