Kakar Advocates Law Firm LLC

Kakar Advocates, LLC, is a full-service international commercial law firm based in Kabul, Afghanistan. We are a diverse group of lawyers uniquely positioned to provide a broad range of legal services to international and Afghan business enterprises. Driven by the passion for teamwork, global outlook and local execution, we strive to serve our clients efficiently and effectively to help them achieve their business goals and objectives.

Our team combines international experience with local knowledge to provide the highest standard of service to clients.  The team includes internationally trained attorneys, Afghan attorneys, tax and corporate consultants, as well as Afghan government relation specialists. The attorneys have worked in large and prominent US law firms, in addition to occupying important positions, among others, as Advisor to the President and Deputy Chief of Staff, Advisor to the Attorney General, Advisor to the Minister of Justice, Chairman of the Supervisory Board of a commercial bank, US Army Judge Advocate, Senior Defense Counsel, scholar at Harvard Law School, and U.S. diplomat in the Middle East.

The Firm’s client base comprises some of the largest multinational corporations and institutions operating in Afghanistan and Afghan companies engaged in diverse sectors, such as logistics and security, finance, banking, construction, large-scale mining, marketing and PR and includes companies contracting with NATO, DoD, UN, foreign embassies and USAID.

To meet the increasingly intricate and specialized needs of clients, Kakar Advocates works closely with and is Correspondent Counsel with reputable international law firms – including ASB Advocates in Paris, France, which primarily provides corporate law and employment law services to international clients.

At Kakar Advocates, clients come first and can count on vigorous and reliable representation that only a full-fledged international law firm with a permanent in-country presence can provide.  Our team strives to be fully informed of the latest developments in the country and have access to key international and Afghan stakeholders to ensure that clients’ matters receive the highest level attention.

As a post-conflict country, Afghanistan presents both exceptional opportunities and unique challenges, which includes complex and continuously evolving legal system. Our objective is to guide our clients through the country’s demanding business environment. We value our clients’ trust and confidence and work hard to provide top-tier, comprehensive and timely representation to meet their diverse legal needs. Our dynamic team of qualified and dedicated professionals provides personalized service, accessibility and attention to detail, allowing clients to take full advantage of Afghanistan’s unique business opportunities.

Our paralegals and support staff have held important positions in the public and private sectors, with the government of Afghanistan and international organizations and bring with them a wide-ranging and extensive experience in regulatory processes, company registration, licensing, compliance and taxation.

Our team is able to serve our clients in several languages, including English, Dari, Pashto and Arabic.