Access to Justice

Access to justice is defined as the ability of people to seek and obtain a remedy through formal or informal institutions of justice for grievances in compliance with human rights standards.  Our attorneys have established and led legal aid organizations providing legal advice and representation to those who could not afford it. Our attorneys are providing legal training on a wide variety of subjects to young law graduates to improve their legal skills. Kakar Advocates attorneys are also active in anti-corruption efforts and projects to remove barriers to justice for all. Some of these efforts and projects have been donor-funded, while others have been personal and community-based initiatives that have made direct impact in people’s right to justice.

Kakar Advocates has the capacity and a wide network of practitioners to manage and implement large scale projects, including capacity training, developing policies regulations and procedures to improve transparency in the justice sector and raise awareness of people’s rights and their ability to monitor the performance of the justice actors. We also carry out mid-term review of on-going projects, focusing on monitoring and evaluation, and program impact and initiate outreach such as consultation and interview, lead focus groups and develop surveys to evaluate programs, and recommend adjustments.