Our team is made up of professionals who have engaged in various types of legal consultancies. We have managed project cycles from request for proposal to closeout and final assessment. We have expertise in the general evaluation of on-going legal development projects as well as specific sub-sets, such as legal training. legislative drafting, monitoring and advocacy. Our team members have managed USAID and other donors funded projects with excellent results, including multi-million dollar projects in unstable environments.

The team members bring expertise in several areas of legal reform and development, including access to justice rule of law, legal clinics, and human rights. We provide support to ongoing development projects to increase their effectiveness and long-term sustainability.

Capacity Building and Training | Kakar Advocates

Capacity-Building & Training

Our team provides specialized training to help your organization increase its capacity and achieve its strategic goals. Our inter-disciplinary team has experts who led teams in large organizations such as UNDP & USAID. READ MORE

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Legislative Monitoring | Kakar Advocates

Legislative Monitoring

Afghanistan has a functioning judiciary with over 2,000 judges, an attorney general office with nearly 5,000 prosecutors, an effective bar association with more than 3,000 lawyers, a National Assembly. READ MORE

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Access to Justice | Kakar Advocates

Access to Justice

Access to justice is defined as the ability of people to seek and obtain a remedy through formal or informal institutions of justice for grievances in compliance with human rights standards. READ MORE

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Judicial Reforms | Kakar Advocates

Judicial Reforms

Our team of experts can also assist judicial bodies conduct revision of court rules, establish court-annexed arbitration, and develop updated case management and tracking systems. We can assist in drafting terms. READ MORE

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Regularity and Strategic Advisory | Kakar Advocates

Regulatory & Strategic Advisory

Kakar Advocates maintains an active legal practice, providing top legal advisers to government agencies and the development community. We keep track of Afghanistan's ever changing regulatory and legal. READ MORE

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